Virtual Landline Number for your UK Business

In an era where business agility and flexibility are not just beneficial but essential, having a virtual landline number for your UK business is critical.

This innovative approach allows your business to maintain a professional image, provide exemplary customer service, and ensure that opportunities for connection are never missed, irrespective of your physical location. 

Whether you are a startup looking to establish credibility or an established business aiming to enhance operational efficiency, embracing a virtual landline is a strategic move in the modern commercial landscape.

What is a Virtual Landline?

female business person using air landline virtual landline number to make calls

Virtual landline numbers are telephone numbers that operate independently of a traditional phone line setup. Calls to virtual landline numbers are redirected, or ‘forwarded,’ to another phone of your choice, typically a mobile phone or an internet-enabled device. 

The result? You can answer business calls regardless of location, keeping a local presence intact.

The brilliance of a virtual landline lies in its simplicity and versatility.  There is no need for additional hardware or equipment, making it a cost-effective alternative to traditional phone systems.

With the option to choose from multiple local and non-geographic numbers, you can give your business a professional image without being limited by location.

Air Landline™ sign-up process is an easy process, all you have to do is select a virtual landline number and let us know where to divert incoming calls, that’s it!

After configuration, you can typically manage the settings through your online Air Landline™ account.

Air Landline™ also offers additional features such as voicemail-to-email, call recording, and the ability to divert to multiple numbers which are already included in your monthly subscription, to enhance the professionalism and efficiency of your business communications further.

Benefits of using a virtual landline Phone number for UK businesses

  • 1. Maintain a Local Presence

With Air Landline™, you can have a dedicated local phone number that instils trust and reliability among your client base. 

It’s especially crucial for small businesses looking to establish themselves in a competitive market.

  • 2. Enhanced Business Mobility

Being tied to one location is a thing of the past. Air Landline™ travels with you, ensuring you always manage client communications efficiently, whether at home, out of town, or on holiday.

  • 3. Cost-Effective

Save on expensive hardware and complex setups. Air Landline™ is significantly cheaper to set up and maintain than traditional landline systems, allowing you to allocate funds to other areas of your business.

  • 4. Scalability

As your business grows, so does your need to stay agile. Adding lines or modifying the call-forwarding setup to Air Landline™ is typically straightforward and easily managed.

  • 5. Professional Image

Air Landline™ allows you to have a consistent contact number that “follows you,” contributing to a stable image and brand recognition. Plus, it keeps personal and professional communications separate.

  • 6. 100% Uptime Record

At Air Landline™, our platform is load-balanced and distributed down to the individual data packets. This ensures ongoing, uninterrupted communication even in the rare event of a multi-server failure. 

Plus, our layered security protocols push industry standards to the extreme, protecting your data and intellectual property from bad actors. We also have a network operations team monitoring 24/7 just in case!

How Does a Virtual Landline Work?

Air Landline™ redefines telecommunication by seamlessly diverting calls straight to your mobile as standard voice calls. This ingenuity guarantees superior call quality and provides unmatched convenience for users. 

Whether you’re navigating the unpredictable terrains where internet access is sparse or simply longing for uninterrupted communication via calls, Air Landline™ ensures you remain connected without ever having to rely on internet connectivity.

Where Do I Buy a Number From?

With Air Landline™, getting your hands on a brand-new landline phone number and local number is easy. The moment you sign up for our service, you’ll have an area code-specific number that’s yours to keep. No matter where you are, we’ve got you covered. 

So, why wait? Jump into the world of virtual landline phone numbers with a 7-day free trial today!

Can I get virtual landline Phone numbers for my business?

Certainly! A virtual landline number could be a game-changer for your business. It offers the professionalism of a traditional landline and the flexibility of answering calls from anywhere. 

You won’t miss important calls at home, in the office, or on the move, and your customers will always get that reassuring ‘landline’ impression.

Startups and established enterprises alike are turning to solutions like Air Landline™ to stay connected with their clients without being tied down to a physical location. It’s the ideal blend of convenience and credibility. 

Pricing – Unlimited UK Calls diversions

Tired of puzzling over complex call plans and hidden fees? At Air Landline™, we keep things straightforward, we charge £9.99 + VAT per month for our service. 

This includes unlimited UK call diversions which is what it says on the tin: unlimited call diversions across the UK at prices that won’t have you scratching your head in bewilderment.

Most of our competitors charge extra per minute for each call they divert to your mobile number, or limit it. We don’t!

No more watching the clock or counting minutes.

Start Your Free Trial Today!

Why wait to discover the transformative communications solution you’ve been seeking? At Air Landline™, we invite you to kick-start your journey with a free 7-day trial today! 

Experience the seamless connection and intuitive features our customers rave about without commitment. 

It’s the perfect opportunity to see how our service fits into your daily routine and enhances your productivity. Don’t let this chance slip by and get started today!

How Do I Set Up My Virtual Landline?

Air Landline™ offers you an innovative solution that simplifies communication by merging the professionalism of a landline with the convenience of your mobile. 

Setting up a virtual landline might sound technologically complex, but it’s quite the opposite.

 In fact, Air Landline™ has streamlined the process, making it user-friendly and quick to complete. 

Here’s your step-by-step guide to getting started:

Select Your Area Code

The first step in establishing your virtual presence is to choose an area code. Air Landline™ provides a comprehensive list of area codes, allowing you to select one that best aligns with your business location or the demographic you serve.

The right area code can give your business a local feel, even if you’re operating nationally or remotely.

Enter Your Mobile number

After selecting your area code, you will be prompted to provide the mobile number you wish to link to your new virtual landline. This number will receive all incoming calls to your virtual landline number, ensuring you never miss a crucial business call.

Can I use my mobile as a landline?

Absolutely! One of the great features of Air Landline™ is the ability to forward all calls directly to your mobile device.

This functionality turns your everyday smartphone into a fully functioning landline, allowing you to take your work calls anywhere without needing a physical landline phone or remaining stationary at an office desk.

Start Receiving Calls

With your chosen area code and mobile number linked, your virtual landline is live!

You can start receiving calls from people immediately on your chosen mobile. There’s no interruption to your workday—even as you set up the service—and your clients will enjoy the seamless communication they expect.

And there you have it—a professional landline experience through your mobile phone with just a few taps. 

Air Landline™ harnesses the power of virtual technology to bring convenience and professionalism together, offering an efficient solution for businesses of all sizes.

Whether you’re a freelancer working from various locations, a business owner looking to establish a local presence, or a company looking to manage calls more effectively, a virtual landline is the perfect choice for your communication needs. 

Remember, it’s not about changing how you work—it’s about enhancing it.

How quickly can I get set up?
With an Air landline™, you won’t have to wait long to begin. Once you’ve completed the straightforward ordering process on, the anticipation is brief.

Your new Air Landline™ number is automatically dispatched and delivered immediately to your email inbox in 2 minutes. 

This means no delay, no queuing time for activation, and no needless anticipation. You can swiftly integrate your new number into your daily routine, ensuring a seamless transition and immediate improvement in your connection.
Advantages of using a virtual telephone number
A virtual number, such as those provided by Airlandline, allows users to establish a presence in any location without the need for a physical landline or office space.

This is especially beneficial for those looking to expand their reach and accessibility without incurring the high costs associated with traditional phone systems. 

Moreover, virtual numbers can be set to forward calls to any device, ensuring that you remain connected with your clients or contacts no matter where you are.
Disadvantages of using a VoIP telephone number
A key concern with a VoIP telephone number other than Air Landline is the reliability of Internet connectivity; a poor or unstable connection can lead to call quality issues, including delays, echoes, and even dropped calls, which can be particularly detrimental for businesses. 

However, at Air Landline™, we divert incoming calls to your actual mobile number as a normal call so you don’t need internet.
Can I divert incoming business calls to my mobile?
Certainly! With today’s technology, you can easily redirect incoming business calls to your mobile phone, allowing you to stay connected while on the go.

Services like Air Landline™ offer convenient solutions that let you transfer calls seamlessly to your mobile device.

This means you won’t miss important business opportunities even when you’re away from the office. 
Do I need an internet connection to receive calls?
You might wonder if an internet connection is essential for something as fundamental as receiving phone calls. Interestingly, with innovative solutions like Air Landline™, the answer is no. 

Air Landline™ redirects call to your mobile as regular mobile call, ensuring that you maintain superb call quality without the need for any apps or complicated installations
What is the difference between a virtual phone number and a phone number?
A traditional phone number or landlines are tied to a specific device or landline at a physical location, while virtual phone numbers aren’t tied to specific landlines, locations, or devices.

Instead, calls made to a virtual phone number are forwarded to another number of your choice, such as your mobile phone.
How does the separate WhatsApp work?
You can acquire a distinct business number to use exclusively within the WhatsApp Business app. This integration not only streamlines your communication by keeping personal and work chats separate, but it also leverages the widespread popularity of the app, ensuring that your professional interactions remain within a familiar platform. 

The Air Landline™ service truly redefines business communication, empowering you to manage your customer relationships through the app with newfound ease and efficiency.
Can I get a local number?
Absolutely! With Air Landline™, you can choose a local number that gives you a presence in a specific geographical area.
Can I get a national number?
Yes, Air Landline™ also offers national numbers, providing your business with a broader reach across the UK.
How many mobile and national UK calls am I limited to?
The number of calls diverted to your Air Landline™ number is unlimited. 
Can I transfer my existing landline number to Air Landline™?
Yes, Air Landline™ allows you to port your existing landlines to their service, ensuring you can maintain your established business identity.
Can I transfer my Air Landline™ number to another provider?
Air Landline allows you to move effortlessly and allows you to transfer your number to a new provider!
Can I cancel my account?
At Air Landline, we understand the importance of flexibility and satisfaction in service subscriptions and contracts, which is why our policy ensures you are never burdened with cancellation fees. 

Our clients enjoy the ability to cancel anytime without incurring costs. 
We stand so confidently behind the quality of our service that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Summary – Virtual Landline Number

Having a virtual landline number for your UK business can provide flexibility, professionalism, and cost savings.

With Air Landline™, setup is easy, and you can start receiving calls on your chosen device in no time