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Air landline ™ is a professional landline number for your mobile.

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The benefits of a landline number without a landline phone.

Customers are less likely to trust a business with a mobile phone number.

With Air Landline ™ you receive a professional landline number for your mobile.


Meet your new receptionist.

Air Landline ™ makes work/life balance easy

No more surprise meetings

An Air Landline ™ number gives you a heads up when an incoming call is for your business.

“I often ignored calls to my mobile if I don't know the number. But when the Air Landline number comes up on my display, I am not anxious at all.”

Set your opening hours

Out-of-hours calls get sent to a professional voicemail, and emailed to you.

“Was getting phone calls to my personal mobile off customers at 6am on a Sunday morning / 11pm at night. Thanks for giving me my weekends back Air Landline”

Never miss a call

Divert incoming calls to multiple mobiles so someone else can answer it when you can’t.

“With a redirect to my mobile then if I don't answer it will then call my colleague so less chance of missing a call and work. Pays for itself.”

Keep your personal number...personal.

With Air Landline ™, you can run your business via your mobile without sacrificing privacy.

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Wherever you are
We have you covered.

Customers prefer to deal with a local business. A virtual landline number instantly tells customers you're local.

We have 100% UK coverage, so you can get a number for any town or city, or a national number.


A customised call experience for your brand

With the Air Landline control panel, You're in charge of communication.

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Choose your welcome message
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Choose your hold music
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Choose your business voicemail

Tailor your customers' call experience for your business needs.


See Air Landline ™
in Action

Meet Paul, your friendly local entrepreneur:

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Instant setup

There is no installation needed as it's all done online. Your new landline number will be emailed to you straight after you order.

  1. 1

    Choose your area code

    We’ll email you a local number for your chosen area code.

  1. 2

    Enter your mobile number

    We’ll divert calls to your local number to your mobile.

  1. 3

    Receive Calls!

    Everything is automatically set up so you can share your new local number straight away.

Get started in 2 minutes

Everything is set up automatically so your new number is ready to use as soon as you order.
Free 7-day Trial (limited time offer)

then only

£ 9.99
+VAT per month
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    Cancel anytime for free
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    No long-term contracts
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    30-day money-back guarantee
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    A new local or national number (or transfer your existing number to us)
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    All calls diverted to your mobile for free
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    Know it's a business call before you answer
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    Call recording
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    Welcome message
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    Divert to multiple mobiles
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    Missed call email alerts
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    Business WhatsApp
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    Hold music
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    Holiday mode
  •  icon=
    Call whisper
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    In-hours business voicemail
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    Out-of-hours business voicemail
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    Voicemails to email
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    Ready-made audio
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    Upload custom audio
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    Call logs
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    Easy-to-use Control Panel
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Frequently Asked Questions

It's only £9.99+VAT a month. It comes with lots of free features. It also starts with a free 7-day trial.
No. We don't charge for diverting calls, it's all free and unlimited. All you pay is £9.99+VAT a month.
Yes, it will be cheaper for callers to call your landline number instead of your mobile number.
Yes, you can cancel at any time for free. We don't tie you into any long term contracts. Click the 'Cancel' link in your Control Panel to cancel or email us.
Yes, we have 100% UK coverage, so you can get a number for any town or city.
Yes you can transfer it to us. Just place an order for a new number, then email us the number you'd like to transfer and we'll replace it with your current one. There's a one-off £25+VAT transfer fee.
Yes, it's £9.99+VAT a month per landline number.
Yes, we also provide 0330 national numbers which are the same price and are the same as local rate number to call. Just select 0330 in the area code dropdown when you order.
You can choose the telephone area code for the town or city you'd like. The rest of the digits are assigned automatically by our system so we are unable to choose them. We also don't believe how memorable the number is makes any difference to the business. People don't memorise their friend's phone numbers, let alone a business' landline number regardless of how memorable it may seem. Usually they save it under a contact name on their phone or visit the business' website to get the number. The best way to think about it is to think whether you have recently memorised any business' landline numbers as a customer.

If you mean you already have an existing landline number that you'd like to use, you can transfer it to us. Just place an order for a new number, then email us the number you'd like to transfer and we'll replace it with your current one. There's a one-off £25+VAT transfer fee.
All calls are automatically diverted to your mobile phone number for free so you simply answer it on your mobile.
Yes, you can instantly change it in your Control Panel.
Yes just add the mobile numbers you'd like to divert to in your Control Panel.
Yes, by default you'll see your landline number on your mobile when you receive a call so you know it's a business call. If you miss a call, the caller's number and time of call will be emailed to you automatically. You can also check the caller's number in your Call logs in the Control Panel.

Alternatively you can easily change the settings in your Control Panel such that you'll see the caller's number on your mobile when you receive a call, and once you pick up, only you'll hear "Business Call" before you're connected to the caller. This way you'll see both the caller's number and know that it's a business call before you answer.
Your new number is automatically emailed to you immediately after you order.
If you'd like to make calls such that your Air Landline number is displayed to your customer when they receive your call, you can use our App add-on.

The App add-on is £7.99+VAT a month per user, which gives you UNLIMITED calls to UK landlines & mobiles from 1 mobile and 1 desktop. The App also allows you to record calls, put callers on hold with music, and transfer calls! You can make calls from anywhere you have the internet even if you're abroad. There are no long term contracts, and you can cancel the add-on at any time for free.

If you don't want the App add-on but also don't want customers to see your mobile number when you call them, you can withhold your mobile number by dialling 141 before the customer’s number, or hide your Caller ID in your mobile settings.

If you'd like to add the App add-on, simply order your Air Landline number, then email to request the App add-on.
Yes, we have a Switchboard add-on for giving options that's £4.99+VAT a month. The Switchboard feature allows you to give up to 10 options of your choice. You can route each option to a different number(s) or the same number. You can also set it such that you hear a whisper of which option the caller has chosen before you answer the call. There is no long term contract so you can ask us to remove it at any time for free.

If you'd like to add the Switchboard add-on, simply order your Air Landline number, then email to request the Switchboard add-on.
Yes, you can leave us and transfer your number to a new provider (e.g. BT).
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