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What is Air Landline ™?

A landline number helps a business look professional, trustworthy & established.

But getting a traditional wired landline is a hassle and costly.

That's why we created Air Landline ™ - a landline number that rings on your mobile!

Plus you'll get lots of free features to help your business.

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Air Landline ™ helps you:

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  • Look Professional

    • Looking professional is important in business. We help you be effortlessly professional:

      Professional Landline Number: Air Landline gives you a landline number for your business that diverts to your mobile WITHOUT the hassle of a landline. The majority of callers look for a local landline number for any business they are calling. It gives them the confidence that the business is local, established and trusted. But getting a traditional wired landline is a hassle and costly. Plus it's not convenient as you have to sit next to it to answer the call! Air Landline helps you look professional by having a business landline number for your mobile!

      Professional Welcome Message & Hold Music: You can use one of our default welcome messages and hold music or upload your own to give all callers a professional welcome and waiting music before they are connected to you.

      Professional Voicemail: If you don't answer, callers hear a separate professional voicemail which is then emailed to you together with the callers number and time of call. You also get a separate professional out-of-hours voicemail for outside your opening hours! You can use our default voicemail greetings or upload your own.

  • Have A Work/Life Balance

    • Time off is important for your wellbeing, our free features help you have your own free time:

      Keep Your Personal Number Private: Give customers your Air Landline number instead of your mobile number to ensures you keep your mobile number private. Also your Air Landline number diverts to your mobile such that you'll know it's a Business Call BEFORE you answer it so you can decide whether to answer it or ignore it and let it go to your business voicemail.

      Set Your Opening Hours: You can set your opening hours for your Air Landline number, so all calls outside your opening hours go straight to your professional out-of-hours voicemail, so you're not disturbed in your time off. Also if you go on holiday, you can set all calls to go straight to voicemail until you're back!

      Separate Personal & Business WhatsApps: With Air Landline you can have two separate WhatsApp Apps on the SAME mobile. You can use set up the Personal WhatsApp App with your personal mobile number, and can set up the Business WhatsApp with your Air Landline number. This will help you better manage your business related WhatsApps and take your mind off work when you’re not working as all your business WhatsApps are in a completely separate App!

  • Avoid Missing Calls

    • Don't you hate MISSING Business Calls? Air Landline's Features below help you avoid missing those important call:

      Divert to Multiple Mobiles: You can divert your Air Landline number to multiple mobiles so if you have a business partner, their number will also ring at the SAME time. This means a higher chance that one of you will see the call so you won't miss it. The first one that picks up answers the call. We can also set it so that divert to another number only if you don't answer. This is perfect if you have multiple phones, staff, or a family member who can take calls when you're busy.

      Business Caller ID feature: You'll be able to tell if a call is from your Air Landline number so you know it's a business call. This helps you know the call is a business enquiry so you should answer it (with your professional voice of course).

      Missed Call Alerts & Voicemail: If you do happen to miss a call, we'll send you an email including the caller's number and time of call so you have a clear log of who to call back. You can also set Opening Hours so out-of-hours calls go straight to your professional out-of-hours voicemail telling callers you're closed and to leave a message or call back during your opening hours. This will ensure that if a customer calls out-of-hours, they won't feel left unanswered, and will know to leave a message or call back again then next day when you're open. Voicemails are emailed to you, together with the callers number and time of call. So you'll always have a clear record and can listen to it in your email when you're ready. You won't have to call an annoying voicemail line to listen to voicemails, and you won't have a constant voicemail notification on your mobile!

  • Avoid Spam Callers

    • Unwanted calls waste your valuable time, our feature help your avoid those timewasters:

      Welcome message with Call Recording: Spammers and scammers don't like being recorded so just use our Welcome Message which states calls are recorded (you can turn on call recording if you like). This will usually put off spam callers and result in them hanging up before being diverted to you so they don't waste your time! Also many robot operated spam calls automatically hang up during a Welcome Message.

      Block numbers: You can block specific numbers so if you receive nuisance callers, you can block them easily! You can also block patterns of numbers so for example you can block calls from specific country codes to block international spammers.

      Auto-reject withheld callers: You can set all callers who withhold their number to be rejected automatically so you only allow callers that display their number.

  • Be Ready For Change

    • When life changes happen, Air Landline helps you adapt without losing business:

      Losing Your Mobile: If you lose your mobile number, don't lose your business! You can easily change the mobile number your Air Landline number diverts to. So if you lose your mobile, just divert your Air Landline number to a new number so you can continue to receive your business calls.

      Holiday or Illness: If you get sick, have an emergency or go on holiday, you can set all calls to your Air Landline number to a divert to different number for example a family, friend or colleague's mobile, so they can answer calls in your absence. Alternatively you can just divert all calls straight to voicemail until you're back.

      Moving Home: If you move to a different UK area code, you can continue to use your existing Air Landline number OR you can let us know and we'll change your number to a new number for your new area code. If you prefer you can also keep your existing Air Landline number and get an additional number for the new area code!

  • Be In Control

    • Our online Control Panel lets you set how your incoming calls are routed, so you're in control:

      Set Your Call Route: Our easy-to-use Control Panel allows you to set exactly how all calls are handled and you can make changes instantly. It's really easy to use and it is already set up for you with default configurations so you're good to go as soon as you order.

      Choose or upload your own audio: You can use our default audio files for your welcome message, hold music and voicemails, or you can upload your own. We also provide links in the Control Panel to have professional voice recordings made for just a one-off £5 cost.

      Call Logs & Call Recording You can view all call logs in your Control Panel and search for call logs by date so you have full history of calls. You can also optionally set calls to be recorded and listen to them in your Control Panel!

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