Get Local Phone Numbers for Your UK Business

Do you want to streamline your local business communications in the UK? Local phone numbers by Air Landline™ can help you accomplish this goal. 

As one of the most trusted virtual landline number providers, Air Landline™ has helped many UK businesses resolve customer phone call issues.

Buying a local phone number can be tricky when you are unaware of your options, Air Landline™ makes the process of buying a local number simple!

What is a Local Phone Number?

A local telephone number refers to an area-specific number. It can represent a city or town by its area code. When a caller rings a local number from anywhere, they must use the designated area code to establish the connection over the phone.

Local numbers are widely used for local business calls. If you have a business in a particular UK city and want your customers to reach out to you, they can dial your number and communicate their needs without having to worry about call costs.

Examples of Local Phone Numbers

Local telephone numbers in the UK can vary based on the city you are in. The prefix in the start (representing the area) varies for each city. Below we’ve covered the different examples of local numbers for a few popular locations.

  • +44 20 7332 4532 (London)
  • +44 161 4428 655 (Manchester)
  • +44 121 8344 452 (Birmingham)
  • +44 151 3342 556 (Liverpool)

What is the Difference Between Mobile and Local Numbers?

Before getting a local number, understanding the difference between mobile and local numbers is crucial. Local numbers are geographically bound (region-specific) numbers. 

On the other hand, mobile numbers are not geographically bound. They require a SIM card to operate on a mobile device. Another major factor that sets them apart from local landline numbers is the option to send and receive SMS.

Using the SMS service, you can connect with your customers via instant text messages. 

Buy a Local Landline Business Phone Number

Getting a local landline business phone number has never been this simple. With Air Landline™, you can streamline your business communications and talk to an unlimited number of people without worrying about the call rates. 

Our quick and easy sign-up process allows you to quickly get your virtual number so you can try out all of our features. 

Here’s how to get started

Step One – Choose Your Area Code

The first step is to select your area code. All you need to do is provide the area code for the city your business operates in. We will set up and email a virtual local number to you within a couple of minutes.

Step Two – Enter Your Mobile Number

Next, provide us with your mobile number so we can divert calls from your customers and business-related calls to your mobile device.

Step Three – Start Receiving Calls!

Once you are done with the above two steps, you can start receiving business calls right away.

After creating your account, you can access the login section on the website to learn more about your account’s details and try out the 20+ features that are included.

The Benefits of a Local Number Without a Landline Phone

Having a local number without a landline can ease your daily phone communications. You can skip needing a dedicated landline phone for all your customer calls. 

Air Landline™ smoothly diverts your local calls to your mobile device so you can maintain contact with your customers all the time. 

We offer you a 7-day free trial to help you explore our features before you buy.

Here are the main benefits of having a local number without a landline phone:

  • You can save significant costs by eliminating the need for line rental payments and hardware costs.
  • A local number without a landline phone allows you to be mobile and flexible in your everyday business operations.
  • You can always increase or decrease the number of local lines for your customers to call based on your ongoing business needs.
  • Diverts incoming calls to a mobile number, not an App.
  • We don’t limit or charge extra for diverting calls to your mobile number.
  • We don’t charge extra for features such as call recording.
  • We have a strong technology protocol to prevent downtime.
  • No long-term contracts, no cancellation fees or minimum notice periods.
  • We don’t charge porting-out fees
  • We have an excellent UK-based customer service team.

How Long Does it Take to Receive a Local Landline Number?

Receiving your local landline number is incredibly easy with Air Landline™. Our company is known for its fast virtual number processing time to keep businesses up and running.

When you apply for a local number by providing details like area code and mobile number, our systems and team waste no time in setting up a virtual local number for your business.

You can get a number in a couple of minutes. Once you get the number, you can start receiving your local customer calls.

How Long Does it Take to Sign Up?

The sign-up process is convenient for everyone aiming to use Air Landline’s™ local number services.

All you need to do is access our website and click on the sign-up link at the top right corner of the page. Once you access it, you can find three fields to enter your information.

Here, you can provide a landline area code, a valid email address, and a mobile number to divert your business calls.

After providing these details, you can hit the “Continue” button at the bottom to initiate the process. 

We’ll email your local virtual phone number in two minutes!

Air Landline™ Local Number Call Features

Getting a local number from Air Landline™ gives you access to many must-have features. You can benefit from each one of them as a business owner.

Many local customers in the UK fail to connect with a business due to missed phone calls and connectivity issues. This negatively impacts the businesses.

Air Landline™ understands this concern and helps businesses eliminate such hurdles. By having a local number from us, you can save your time, money, and effort.

Let’s find out how we stand out in the competitive market.

100% UK Coverage – 660+ Area Codes

The most striking feature of Air Landline™ local numbers is their 100% UK coverage. You can make or receive calls from all locations without worrying about connection problems. 

Another factor that keeps us ahead of other companies is our ability to cover 660+ area codes. 

Our team can set up your local number with the nominated area prefix so you can receive business calls on the go.

Keep Your Personal Number.. Personal!

Many business owners find it challenging to keep their personal numbers private. They do not have a call divert or forwarding option. With Air Landline’s™ local telephone numbers, you do not have to share your personal number with any customer.

All you need is a call divert feature to redirect your business calls to your mobile device. This way, you can keep your personal number away from business-based communications.

Call Recording

Call recording is an essential feature that modern-day businesses need. It allows you to record your complete conversation with your customers and staff so you can crosscheck information later. 

Voicemail to Email With Transcript

You can hear the voicemail and get a transcript of the conversation via email to address your customer’s requests.

No Landline Phones Needed

The no-landline phone feature also helps you save additional costs associated with buying and maintaining landline hardware.

Getting a local number from Air Landline™ enables you to skip a landline phone device. It is a virtual service that operates free of physical devices like telephones. We request details such as your mobile number and area code to divert your official business calls to your mobile device.

No Internet Required

Local telephone numbers offered by Air Landline™ do not require an Internet connection to operate. Our service is designed to offer convenience and mobility to business owners.

Once you get your local number, we divert calls to your mobile number as a normal call, which ensures call quality.

The absence of an internet connection does not impact the quality of calls rather it ensures call quality.

Business WhatsApp

You can use the local business number provided by Air Landline™ to set up your WhatsApp Business account. This feature can help you integrate your important communications with customers on your WhatsApp business account.

Again, the process of setting up your WhatsApp Business with Air Landline’s™ local business number is simple, follow our instructions to integrate up your WhatsApp business and Air Landline™ account.

Business Call Heads-Up

An important concern business owners have is separating business calls from private ones. With Air Landline’s™ local numbers, you’ll receive a heads-up notification letting you know if a call is business or personal beforehand.

This separation allows you to prioritise business-related communications.

Multiple Divert

When getting a local number for your business in the UK, you may wonder if it’s possible to enable the divert feature on multiple numbers. Air Landline™ allows you to perform this action and divert as many numbers as you like.

You can apply for a virtual local number and access all the features, including multiple divert for your business phone calls.

Missed Call Info Email

If you miss important business calls and want to know the caller info, Air Landline’s™ missed call info email feature helps you with exactly that. It allows you to receive the caller’s details via email each time you miss a call.

What is the Difference Between Local and National Phone Numbers?

Local and national calls often confuse people due to the similarity in their concepts. Generally, local calls refer to all phone numbers beginning with a number that represents a geographic area in the United Kingdom such as London, Manchester, Cardiff, Birmingham, Leeds, etc. 

National phone numbers are non-geographic telephone numbers and tend to begin with the following number, 0330, also it costs the same as calling a local number

FAQs – Local Numbers

For further clarity on local number calls, we have covered a few frequently asked questions below.

How many digits are in a local mobile number?
The majority of the UK local numbers have 11 digits, including the dialling codes.
How does a virtual local landline phone number work?

A virtual local landline phone number is generated by a telecoms service provider like Air Landline™.

You can apply for it by providing your area code, email address, and mobile number (for call divert). We’ll process the virtual number and email it to you in a few minutes.
How does a virtual local landline phone number work?
A virtual local landline phone number is generated by a telecoms service provider like Air Landline™. You can apply for it by providing your area code, email address, and mobile number (for call divert). We’ll process the virtual number and email it to you in a few minutes.
Can I buy a local phone number?
You can get a local phone number from the comfort of your home or office by applying online. Access the Air Landline™ website and provide your details to get your local number within minutes.
How do I get a local phone number in the UK?
You can get a local UK phone number by providing your area prefix, email information, and mobile number to Air Landline™. Air Landline™ offers a 7-day free trial to help you explore all the local number features.

Summary – Local Phone Numbers

The above information highlights everything you need to remember when getting a local phone number for your business.

We have covered the benefits and important factors above to help you make an informed decision. 

Apply for your 7-day FREE trial and receive your local number in a few minutes.