Landline Porting – Porting your Landline to Mobile UK

In the UK, staying connected through every twist and turn of life’s journey is a must.

Have you ever thought about how handy it would be for your business if your trusty old landline number could hop into your pocket and tag along, just like your mobile? 

Guess what – with Air Landline™, You can do exactly that! 

It’s the freedom to keep the number everyone knows and loves, all while giving it a fresh lease of life on your mobile. Whether you’re out and about or just prefer the simplicity of carrying one device, we’ve got the know-how to make landline porting as easy as effortless. 

Welcome to a smart solution that doesn’t just keep up with the times but gets you ahead of the game and allows you to get your virtual local telephone number today.

What Is Landline Porting?

Porting is a term used in telecommunications to describe the process of transferring an existing fixed or virtual phone line to a new service provider.

Specifically, when you opt for porting, it involves your current provider, often BT in the UK, agreeing to release your existing phone numbers and allowing it to be hosted by another provider. 

This seamless transition of phone numbers enables individuals or businesses to retain their well-established phone numbers while benefiting from the services of a telecommunication company, such as those offered by Air Landline™. 

Porting is an invaluable feature for those wishing to maintain continuity of contact without the hassle of changing numbers, thus ensuring a smooth change.

landline porting for uk business owners

Why Change Phone Provider Services?

Considering a change to your phone service provider to a VoIP provider? 

Well, it’s not just about seeking lower costs or dreaming of clearer calls. The digital age is zooming past traditional landline services, offering us flexibility that’s hard to ignore. 

But here’s a nudge if you’re still on the fence: come 2025, BT is pulling the plug on its PSTN and ISDN networks. 

That’s right, it’s VoIP or bust for all UK businesses. The clock’s ticking, and it’s the perfect time to embrace change. 

Don’t worry, though; if you choose Air Landline™, we make the switching-over process effortless. 

Are Landlines Being Switched Off in 2025?

Well, it’s not just a rumour! According to the latest information, the UK is on the brink of a major shake-up in how we communicate. The plan is to retire those good old landlines and embrace a shiny, new digital future. 

It’s a big leap, but let’s face it – with the way technology’s racing ahead, it’s time to say “goodbye” to the old and ‘hello’ to the nifty digital alternatives. 

So, if you’re still clinging to that corded phone like it’s your lifeline, it might be time for an upgrade.

Can You Port a Landline Number to a Mobile?

Certainly! With services like Air Landline™, making the leap from the corded past to a mobile future is certainly possible. You get to keep your existing number, which means no more handing out new numbers to your contacts. 

It’s all about blending old-school reliability with the convenience and efficiency of modern technology. 

So, why not whisk your landline number away to a mobile or virtual platform and keep things running smoother than ever? It’s the perfect marriage of tradition and innovation, and it’s never been easier with Air Landline’s™ simple sign-up process.

Does My Current Provider Allow Number Porting?

Number porting is regulated and providers should allow you to port your number to another provider. Ofcom sets the requirements that landline providers must follow when customers wish to change providers.

This is to ensure customers can have choices and encourages competition in the marketplace by removing barriers to changing providers

Porting is led by the gaining provider. At Air Landline we’ve streamlined the porting process to make it easy to keep your existing landline number and transfer it to Air Landline. 

We also don’t charge you for porting your number to Air Landline, despite the admin effort it takes from our side to carry out the work.

Unlike other providers, we also don’t charge you if you ever choose to leave Air Landline, that’s because we believe you should stay with us because of our great service.

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Benefits of Porting Your Phone Number to Air Landline™

Cost Saving Benefits

Switching over to Air Landline could be a game-changer if you’re tired of hefty phone bills nibbling away at your budget.

Imagine cutting down those costs and still enjoying seamless communication is possible with Air Landline™ as we’re about half the typical price of a traditional landline rental. 

By porting your number, you’re not just keeping the number your contacts are already familiar with; you’re also unlocking massive cost savings.

The process is a breeze, and the perks, including line rentals as low as £9.99 +VAT per month and no hidden charges, make the switch hasslefree and totally worth it.

We Don’t Tie You Into a Long-Term Contract

Have you ever felt trapped by a hefty, long-term contract? Well, wave goodbye to inflexible commitments and say hello to the freedom of choice with Air Landline™! When you port your phone number to us, you’re signing up for versatility and peace of mind. 

With no long-term contracts to wrestle with and the freedom to cancel anytime, you hold the power to adapt your phone services to fit your business as it changes. 

Unlike other providers, there are no porting-in or porting-out fees from Air Landline. This means if you ever change your mind and decide to leave us, you can, for free

Excellent Call Quality

Porting your phone number to Air Landline comes with heaps of perks, like crystal call clarity as we don’t rely on the internet, 4G or 5G like most other providers do. 

With Air Landline™, waving goodbye to muffled voices and dropped calls is just the beginning. 

Experience voice calls as they’re meant to be – crisp, clean, and interruption-free. 

5-Star Customer Service

Switching your phone number to Air Landline™ is a no-brainer, especially if you’re after top-notch service. Our UK-based 5-star customer service team has got your back, ready to turn tedious troubleshooting into a breeze and make every interaction a pleasant one. 

Inclusive Features

Switching to Air Landline™ gives your phone number a new lease of life, offering a wealth of features that fire up your communication experience. It’s all about staying connected with ease and style.

Imagine managing calls with crisp clarity, relying on a robust suite of tools that streamline both work and play.

FREE Landline Porting Online

Switching your landline provider can often feel like a hassle, but at Air Landline™, we’re all about making your life a whole lot easier – and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a freebie? 

That’s right, with us, you can wave goodbye to porting charges because we offer free landline porting! 

It’s like unlocking the door to a world of hassle-free communications without having to spend an extra penny. 

How Does Air Landline™ Porting Process Work?

Curious how you can switch to Air Landline™ and take your number with you? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!  

Sign Up for a FREE 7-Day Trial

First up, sign up for a free 7-day trial and take our service for a spin. You’ll get a new number, but don’t worry; once you give us the go-ahead, we’ll swap it with your current number post-transfer.

Email Us the Number You’d Like to Transfer

Next, pop an email our way at with the number you want to port over to us. 

Then, we’ll send a link to upload your proof of identity, address, and a recent bill to show you own the number.

We’ll Do the Rest!

Lastly, leave the heavy lifting to us. We’ll chat with your current provider and get the wheels in motion. 

It might take between 2 and 4 weeks, depending on how quick your old provider is with the formalities.

But rest assured, the actual switch will be swift and seamless, with practically zero downtime. Sound good? Let’s get started!

How Long Does Porting a Landline Number Take?

Here at Air Landline™, once we’ve got all the essential paperwork from your end double-checked and stamped, we’ll take the lead to your current provider with your transfer request. 

It typically takes 2-4 weeks but it’s mostly just liaising with your old provider through formal processes in the background, so it depends on how quickly they respond.

The transfer itself takes place on a single specific agreed date between us and your current provider and there’s usually no downtime at all.

Which Phone Numbers Can Air Landline™ Port?

Air Landline™ is capable of porting most types of UK landline numbers, whether virtual or traditional.

Does Air Landline™ Have a Transfer Fee?

No, Air Landline™ prides itself on offering FREE line porting services.

I Have Broadband on the Line; Will This Be Affected?

If you’re contemplating transferring your number to an Air Landline™, it’s essential to consider the impact on your existing broadband service.

Some providers might disconnect your broadband when the number is ported, whereas others could simply assign a new number to your broadband line, allowing the service to persist uninterrupted. 

To clarify your broadband situation, reaching out to your broadband provider is a prudent step. It’s worth noting that broadband cannot exist on an Air Landline™.

Consequently, should you decide to obtain broadband service that necessitates a line in the future, you will need to secure a fresh number from your broadband supplier. 

In scenarios where maintaining your current number proves unfeasible due to broadband complexities, Air Landline™ offers a workaround: obtain an alternate number from us and request your existing provider to forward calls to your new Air Landline™ number.

FAQ Number Porting

Can a Landline Number Be Ported?
Yes, your landline number can be ported/transferred to Air Landline™ or to another landline provider.
How Do I Transfer My Landline Number to a New Provider?
Switching your number to our service is a breeze, and here’s how you can do it in just three simple steps.

First things first, sign up for our complimentary trial period — we’ll provide you with a temporary number so you can fully experience our incredible service. If you’re as thrilled as we anticipate, you can begin the smooth transition of your existing number and replace the trial one.
Begin your seamless switch by signing up now.

Next up, drop us an email at with the number you wish to transfer. We’ll promptly send you a secure link to submit your proofs; ownership of the number, your identity, and your address. 

Lastly, leave the heavy lifting to us. We’ll carefully examine your documents and manage the submission of your transfer request to your previous provider. While the entire process ranges from 2 to 4 weeks, mainly involving procedural coordination with your former provider, rest assured, that the actual transfer will occur on a pre-arranged date. It’s that easy!
Is There Any Downtime During the Process?
The seamless transition of services is a hallmark of our dedication to customer satisfaction. On a mutually agreed date, carefully selected to minimise disruption, we transfer services from your current provider to us.

Each detail is pre-configured to ensure a smooth cutover, safeguarding an uninterrupted experience. 

It’s this attention to detail and forward planning that enables us to confidently assure that almost invariably, there is no downtime whatsoever, ensuring that your operations continue to run as smoothly as ever, without missing a beat.
Should I Cancel My Contract With My Current Provider?
When considering transferring your phone number to a new provider, it is crucial to keep the number active throughout the entire process.

You should avoid cancelling your contract with your current provider until the transfer has been successfully completed.

Prematurely ending your contract could lead to your current provider deeming the number as ‘not in service,’ which in turn, may result in them rejecting the transfer request.

Maintaining an active number ensures that the transition between providers is smooth and uninterrupted, allowing you to retain your existing number without any complications.
I’m in a Long-Term Contract With My Current Provider, What Should I Do?
If you find yourself tied to a long-term contract with your current provider and are seeking an alternative, Air Landline™ offers a viable solution that allows you to keep connected, and use Air Landline’s features, without the wait.

By acquiring an Air Landline™ number, you can request your existing provider to redirect calls from your original number to your new Air Landline™ number. 

This arrangement typically constitutes a landline-to-landline transfer, which may be included in your existing package, thus potentially incurring no additional cost.

It’s important to check with your current provider to confirm if this feature is available under your plan. Rest assured, your contract with your current provider will remain unaffected by this setup. 

Once your original contract term concludes, simply reach out to us at Air Landline™, and we’ll gladly facilitate the transfer of your number so that all future calls come directly to your Air Landline™.
Can I Leave Air Landline™ and Transfer to Another Provider in the Future for Free?
Yes, Air Landline™ supports freedom and flexibility in your service choices.
Do I Have to Pay While the Transfer is in Progress?
While your transfer to Air Landline™ is underway, it is necessary to maintain an active paid subscription.

We understand the importance of flexibility during this period, so should you choose not to use your account for anything beyond initial testing, we are committed to offering you a refund for any monthly charges incurred to your account until the transfer is finalised. 

To arrange for these refunds once your transfer concludes, simply send your request to, and we will be pleased to accommodate your subscription payments accordingly.
Should I Tell My Provider I’m Leaving Them?
Deciding whether to inform your current service provider about your departure is a consideration faced by many.

While it’s certainly courteous to notify them, it is not a necessity. Should you choose to switch providers without a direct conversation, rest assured that the formal transfer process will alert them to your decision. 

Ultimately, the automated systems in place ensure your previous provider is made aware of the change, allowing you to transition to a new provider with minimal fuss.

Summary – Landline Porting

With expert services from Air Landline™, landline porting couldn’t be simpler. Whether you’re transferring a BT landline number to a mobile or seeking virtual landline porting, we offer transparent, free-of-charge, and straightforward solutions. 

As the 2025 switch-off approaches, making the change now can ensure continuous, high-quality service. Embrace the future with Air Landline™ – keeping your number and dropping the cord.