Call Forwarding Service UK for FREE

Call forwarding is a popular feature many businesses use to streamline calls. It is a convenient option that allows you to redirect calls from one phone to another so you can respond to them promptly. 

Whether using a landline or a mobile number for your office, you’ll need a call forwarding service to improve your coordination with your customers and employees. 

At Air Landline™, you can enjoy a free 7-day trial to forward calls anywhere you like. Let’s dive into the details and learn how to use the call forwarding service to redirect your numbers to other lines.

What Is Call Forwarding?

Call forwarding refers to a telecommunications service that enables you to redirect calls from one phone number to another.

It enables users to ensure they do not miss important calls by redirecting them to another phone number, such as a mobile phone or a different landline. 

Call forwarding can be achieved using robust software deployed by Air Landline™. Moreover, it can be different based on the user’s needs. You can get immediate, conditional, busy-call, and unanswered call-forwarding features for your official telephone numbers.

business women using air landlines call forwarding service

How Does a Call Forwarding Service Work?

When activated, call forwarding redirects incoming calls from telephones to alternative numbers (as designated by Air Landline™ users). When a customer calls the original number, the service intercepts it and redirects it to a forwarding contact. 

The alternative number can be another phone device, voicemail, an AI-automated system, or a virtual answering service.

7-Day FREE Trial With Air Landline™

At Air Landline™, you can ignore your worries about missing important client calls. Our call diversion and forwarding options can streamline your business operations by keeping you within your customers’ reach whenever they need.

Our 7-day free trial gives you plenty of time to test our line-forwarding feature.

 Sign up for our service today for a virtual forwarding number in two minutes.

How Do I Set Up Call Forwarding With Air Landline™?

Setting up call forwarding with Air Landline™ is super easy. Here are the steps to get started.

Step 1 – Choose Your Area Code

In the first step, you need to choose your area code. We will set it up and email you a virtual local number for your preferred area code in minutes.

Step 2 – Enter Your Mobile Number

In the second step, you need to provide us with your mobile number. We will divert calls to your virtual local numbers on your mobile device.

Step 3 – Receive Calls

Your part of the work is done. We set up everything automatically once you share the details with us. You can share your new local number on your business website and on your business cards to receive client calls right away.

Benefits of Forwarding Phone Calls With Air Landline™

If you want to be united with your customers regardless of their locations, forwarding phone calls can be an ideal solution to streamline your mobile communication.

Air Landline™ takes pride in offering superior services to its clients across the UK. Our VoIP services add convenience to your daily calling needs. 

Here is why Air Landline™ is the preferred choice for call forwarding services:

Enhanced Accessibility

The call forward feature at Air Landline™ offers you enhanced accessibility. Customers get easily frustrated when they cannot reach a business on its designated number. The forwarding feature typically comes in handy when you are away from your workplace.

You can redirect all calls to your mobile device so your callers can connect with you without wasting a second of their time. Plus, this feature works with all mobile devices. Whether you have an Android or an Apple device, you can streamline your phone communication easily.

The forwarding feature serves as a fundamental bridge for good customer service and increased sales, which can make or break a deal for large and small business owners.

Flexibility and Mobility

Air Landline™ aims to transform your phone call experience so you can bring flexibility to your business. It allows mobility by forwarding calls to your mobile number regardless of where you are. 

Having the option to redirect business calls to your mobile can save you from missing out on potential big projects. It also benefits you when travelling for work or operating remotely.

Phone number forwarding keeps you connected with your loyal customers.  

Customised Call Routing

As a small business owner, you may have varying preferences regarding your official phone calls. You can set up different rules based on factors like time of day, caller ID, call type, and forwarding conditions. Such customisations allow you to attend a maximum number of customer calls in a day.

When setting up your virtual number for call diversion, Air Landline™ offers you multiple handy features to keep your prospects engaged. You can thoroughly review each feature and use it in day-to-day line forwarding.

Customised call routing also helps you on special occasions such as holidays (We have a holiday mode!). You can set up alternative numbers to manage the load of calls effectively without impacting your market reputation. 

Best Call Forwarding Service for UK Small Business

Small businesses in the UK typically have limited funds in the initial stages of business establishment. Such companies rely solely on the quality of their products, services, and business partners. An even more important factor that helps such companies is customer service.

Instead of purchasing multiple phone numbers and paying for each subscription plan, you can rely on call forwarding. This way, you can set up a single official line and redirect it to your mobile device for prompt responses.

Air Landline™ is one of the most trusted call forwarding and diversion companies for startups, and small and large businesses in the UK. We understand the critical importance of managing client calls promptly.  

Can I Forward Calls to My iPhone?

The iPhone is one of the most popular mobile devices across the globe. Most professionals use it for its high-end efficiency and superior OS performance. If you wonder whether you can forward calls to your Apple mobile device, the answer is yes. 

Can I Divert Calls to My Android?

Android phones are Google-powered mobile devices with highly interactive software. Yes, you can conveniently divert official business calls to your mobile device using Air Landline’s™ divert feature. 

What Is the Difference Between Call Forwarding and Call Divert?

Call forwarding and call divert are often used interchangeably in professional settings. However, they have slight differences. Call forwarding typically means redirecting calls to alternative phone numbers. 

On the other hand, diverted calls refer to redirecting calls to alternative numbers when certain conditions are met. These conditions may include a busy line or an unanswered phone call.

FAQs Regarding Business Call Forwarding Service UK

Let’s have a look at the commonly asked questions below.

What Is a Call Divert Service?
A call divert service refers to a service that redirects calls from one number to another based on certain conditions such as a busy line or time of day. The alternative line can be a telephone, a mobile device, or a voicemail machine.
Does Air Landline™ Charge for Diverting Calls to My Phone?
Air Landline™ prioritises the comfort and affordability of its clients. We do not charge for diverting calls to your phone numbers. Our forwarding service is included in our monthly package. 

All you pay is £9.99 a month (+VAT). You can enjoy call diversion, forwarding and many other features.
How Do I Divert My Calls to Another Mobile Phone?
If you want to divert your calls to another mobile phone, all you need to do is follow our three easy steps. Choose your area code so we can email you a virtual local number within minutes, and provide a mobile phone number you’d like to forward calls to. 

It’s that simple! Once done, you can start receiving calls right away.
Does Call Forwarding Cost extra?
The call forwarding feature offered by Air Landline™ is free of charge. You can enjoy unlimited free calls. The only cost you pay each month is £9.99 a month (+VAT) and this includes all free features.
Can I Divert Calls to Multiple Phones?
Yes, Air Landline™ allows you to divert your official business calls to multiple phones. 
Can I Transfer My Existing Landline?
Yes, With Air Landline™, you can choose to have a new virtual local number or use your existing number for call diversion.
Can I Get a National Number Instead of a Local Number?
Yes, if your business operates nationwide, you can opt for a national business number. We provide 0330 national numbers.
Can I Change the Number(s) I Divert To?
Air Landline™ allows you to change the numbers you divert to based on your ongoing business needs. 
Can I See the Caller’s Number and Also Know It’s a Business Call?
Air Landline™ has a unique feature that allows you to see that an incoming call is actually a business call and therefore allows you to prioritise it.

Summary – Call Forwarding Service

We’ve highlighted all you need to know about forwarded business calls. The details will help you streamline your business communications with prospects and existing customers. 

Get in touch with Air Landline™ today to provide your phone number and other details to enable call forwarding on one or more lines.