Pocket Landline

The landline concept may seem outdated in an era dominated by mobile phones.

However, the Pocket Landline call management system, especially in the VoIP landscape, is here to bridge the gap between traditional communication and modern convenience. 

We’ll explore everything you need to know about the Pocket Landline, including its features, benefits, how it revolutionised VoIP communications for businesses and individuals, and much more. 

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

What Is a Pocket Landline?

Pocket Landline, also known as a mobile landline or virtual landline, is a VoIP-based telecommunications service that provides users with a dedicated local landline phone number that can be accessed and used from a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

Unlike traditional landline phones tied to a specific location or address, Pocket Landline numbers are portable and can be used anywhere with an internet connection.

Pocket Landline services typically offer features such as call forwarding, voicemail, and customisable settings, allowing users to manage their calls effectively while on the go. 

With Pocket Landline, individuals and businesses can enjoy the reliability and professionalism of a traditional landline number, combined with the flexibility and mobility of a mobile phone.

How Does a Pocket Landline Work?

A Pocket Landline provides users with a dedicated landline phone number that can be accessed and managed from a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. Here’s how it typically works:

  1. Sign-Up and Registration: Users sign up for a Pocket Landline service with Air Landline. During registration, users may choose the code-specific landline number of their desired area.
  2. Call Forwarding: Calls made to the Pocket Landline number are automatically forwarded back to the user’s mobile device. This ensures that users can receive incoming calls even when they’re away from their desk or office.
  3. Configuration and Setup: Once registered, users configure their Pocket Landline service according to their preferences. This may include setting up call forwarding rules, voicemail greetings, and other settings.
  4. Mobile Accessibility: Users can make outgoing calls directly from their mobile device using their Pocket Landline number and receive incoming calls on their mobile device, just like they would with a traditional mobile phone number.
  5. Voicemail: Pocket Landline services often include voicemail functionality, allowing users to receive and manage voicemail messages from their mobile devices. Users can listen to voicemail messages, record custom greetings, and manage voicemail settings.
  6. Customisation: Users can customise their Pocket Landline settings to suit their preferences. This may include setting up call forwarding to multiple devices, configuring call routing rules, and managing voicemail settings.
  7. Usage: Once configured, users can use their Pocket Landline number to make and receive calls from anywhere with an internet connection. Whether back at the office, home, or on the go, users can stay connected using their Pocket Landline service.

Can I use Air Landline Without the Internet?

Yes, with Air Landline, it is possible to use our pocket Landline service without an internet connection.

There is no need to pay for landline installation or an app. All calls are diverted for free to your mobile phone as normal calls, which ensures call quality.

How Do I Sign Up to Air Landline’s Pocket Landline?

To sign up for Air Landline’s Pocket Landline service, follow these steps:

Visit the Air Landline Website

Navigate to the sign up page

Provide Your Details – Area code, Email address and mobile phone number

Provide your email address, select the landline area code you want, and provide the mobile number to which you want to divert your calls.

You can choose to add multiple phone numbers later in your dashboard.

Complete the Signup Process

Once you’ve provided the above information, you’re ready to get started!

You’ll receive an email containing your new area code-specific landline number and your login details for your new dashboard!

Configure Your Pocket Landline settings.

Now that you have access to your dashboard, you may need to configure your Pocket Landline settings according to your preferences.

This may include setting up call forwarding rules, voicemail greetings, and other available features.

Start receiving calls!

You can now start receiving calls from your mobile device! Everything is automatically set up, so you can immediately share your new local number!

Other FREE Air Landline Features You’ll Have Access to

In addition to its Pocket Landline services, Air Landline offers a variety of free features to optimise your communication experience and enhance professionalism.

Here are some of the additional free VoIP features you’ll have access to:

  • Welcome Greeting: Impress callers with a professional welcome message, ensuring a positive first impression for your business.
  • Hold Music: Provide soothing hold music to keep callers engaged and patient while they wait for you to answer.
  • Out-of-Hours Mode: Relax during non-business hours, knowing that out-of-hours mode will manage calls appropriately.
  • Holiday Mode: Enjoy your holidays without worrying about missed calls, thanks to holiday mode, which helps you manage and control incoming calls accordingly.
  • Business WhatsApp: Keep personal and business WhatsApps separate for streamlined communication, organisation, and control.
  • Call Diversion: Add call diversion to multiple mobile devices simultaneously or sequentially, ensuring someone can answer.
  • Ring Time Setting: Customise and control your ring time to allow more time to answer important calls.
  • Missed Call Info Email: Receive email notifications with caller information and call timestamps for missed calls.
  • Call Recording: Record important discussions with clients for reference and compliance purposes.
  • Blocklist: Block nuisance callers to maintain productivity and focus on important calls.
  • Call Whisper: Receive caller information discreetly before answering, ensuring professional handling of business calls.
  • In-Hours and Out-of-Hours Voicemail: Capture missed opportunities and provide callers with appropriate instructions during and outside business hours.
  • Holiday Business Voicemail: Inform callers of your absence during holidays and provide instructions for leaving messages or contacting you upon your return.
  • Voicemail to Email: Receive voicemail messages directly in your email inbox to streamline message management and avoid mobile notifications.
  • Automated Voicemail Transcription: Choose between reading and listening back to voicemail messages with automated transcription for added convenience.

How Much Does a Pocket Landline Cost?

Air Landline’s Pocket Landline service offers an affordable solution for individuals and businesses seeking reliable communication, especially in VoIP. 

Available for order at £9.99 plus VAT per month, this cost-effective option provides access to a dedicated landline number that can be used anywhere. 

Whether you’re a small to medium company owner needing a professional image or an individual business professional seeking a convenient communication solution for VoIP, Air Landline’s Pocket Landline offers exceptional value for its modest monthly fee.

Benefits of Using a Pocket Landline

  1. Flexibility

Pocket Landline provides an unparalleled level of flexibility within the VoIP realm, allowing users to make and receive calls effortlessly from any location.

Say goodbye to the limitations of a physical office or fixed phone line—with a Pocket Landline, you can stay connected wherever you go. 

Whether you’re working remotely, travelling for business, or simply on the move, our service ensures that you never miss an important call.

You can access your landline number on any device, including smartphones and tablets, so staying in close touch with others has never been easier.

  1. Cost-Effective

Pocket Landline offers a cost-effective, budget-friendly communication solution for both businesses and individuals.

With cheaper rates than traditional landline plans, these services allow users to save money without compromising quality. 

By utilising Air Landline’s pocket landlines, users can enjoy the convenience of having a dedicated phone line without the hefty price tag.

This makes it an ideal choice for small to medium-sized businesses and start ups looking to cut costs without sacrificing reliable communication channels.

  1. Convenience

Pocket Landline allows individuals to consolidate all their calls into a single device, providing unparalleled convenience and streamlining communication channels. 

Whether managing business calls or staying connected with clients and colleagues, Pocket Landline ensures that users have everything they need in one place.

By eliminating the need for multiple devices, this technology simplifies communication and enhances efficiency.

Do I Need an App for My Pocket Landline to Work?

No, you do not necessarily need an app for your Pocket Landline to work. Air Landline products are designed to be accessible through any mobile phone device. We divert calls to your mobile number as a normal call.  

For example, with Air Landline’s Pocket Landline service, you can manage your calls and access features directly from your online portal. You do not need to download a separate app to use the service.

Are Landlines Being Phased Out in the UK?

In the UK, traditional landline services have declined in recent years, mainly due to the growing popularity and widespread availability of mobile phones and internet-based communication technologies. 

The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is the current framework for landline communication.

Although traditional copper wires have been reliable, they are gradually being replaced by more advanced technologies like fibre optics. 

Telecommunication companies are diligently constructing the necessary infrastructure to accommodate the upcoming standards. The goal is to smooth the transition from outdated PSTN technology to VoIP by 2025.

How Much Longer will Landlines be Available?

The telecommunications landscape is evolving rapidly with advancements in mobile technology and internet-based communication services.

Of course, landlines still serve important purposes for many individuals and businesses. However, starting in 2023, all new landlines will be installed using the broadband VoIP protocol. 


Here are a few frequently asked questions:

How Much Is an Air Landline Number?
Air Landline costs £9.99 a month (+VAT).
I Already Have a Landline Number. Can I Transfer it?
Yes, you can transfer your existing landline number to Air Landline. Contact Air Landline’s customer service for assistance with the transfer process.
Do You Have a Local Number for My Area Code?
The Air Landline call management system offers local numbers covering various area codes (660+ available area codes). When signing up for a number, check with Air Landline’s availability or inquire about specific area codes.
Do You Offer National Numbers as well as Local Numbers?
Yes, Air Landline provides national and local numbers to suit your preferences and business needs.
Will I be Charged Extra for Diverting Calls?
Air Landline’s call diversion feature will be included in your subscription plan. All incoming calls will be diverted to your chosen mobile phone number at no additional cost.
Can I Cancel My Subscription at Any Point?
Yes, you can cancel your Air Landline subscription at any time and there are no long-term contracts. We offer a 7-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Summary – Pocket Landline

Pocket Landline represents the perfect marriage of traditional landline services and modern mobile technology, offering users the best of both worlds within the VoIP landscape.

Whether for business or personal use, Pocket Landline provides flexibility, convenience, and professionalism, empowering users to stay connected and productive from anywhere. 

With its features and benefits, Pocket Landline is poised to revolutionise communication in the digital age.