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You can get a new local or national UK number for your mobile phone and start receiving calls to your business immediately.

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What is a Business Phone Number?

Getting an official phone number for your company is essential for establishing and growing your business in a competitive market.

When you set up a business in a particular area, your customers need a way to build trust in your services. An official local or national phone number helps build this trust.

Let’s assume you have an official website that contains details about your products and services. While some prospects may choose to look up these details online, others may prefer calling your customer service number to give you a call.

However, If you do not have a phone number, you could end up losing a significant percentage of new business.

Why Should Businesses Use Local Numbers?

Your official phone number establishes your local, national, and international presence. The increasing use of digital platforms and AI has also raised the number of online scams.

People are more conscious about trusting new businesses than ever before. When they have your company’s phone numbers, they can validate your presence and establish trust.

Now let’s examine the primary benefit of having a local phone number for your business. Local numbers demonstrate that a company is operating locally. Many clients avoid getting services from businesses located outside their country or city due to many reasons.

With a local business number, you can easily target local customers for your marketing campaigns and increase the amount of walk-in clients.

businessman using air landline dedicated business phone number for his uk organisation

Stand-Out Features of Air Landline™ Business Numbers

Getting business phone numbers from Air Landline™ allows you to benefit from various features. This includes

  1. New local or national UK mobile number
  2. FREE diverted calls to your mobile phone
  3. Welcome greeting
  4. Call-hold music
  5. Identification as a “Business” call before answering
  6. Out-of-hours mode 
  7. Holiday mode
  8. Holiday business voicemail
  9. Business WhatsApp
  10. Simultaneous diversion to multiple mobile devices
  11. Option to set your ring time 
  12. Missed call information to your email 
  13. Business call recording 
  14. Blocklist 
  15. Call whisper
  16. In-hour business voicemail
  17. Out-of-hours business voicemail
  18. voicemail to email
  19. Automated voicemail transcription 
  20. Time-of-day routing 
  21. Ready-made audio 
  22. Option to upload custom audio 
  23. Searchable call history
  24. Easy-to-use control panel

Each of the aforementioned features plays a critical role in managing your daily business calls efficiently. Plus, all features can align perfectly with most business needs and that’s why Air Landline™ has become the preferred choice for many UK businesses.

Get a Local UK Business Phone Number in 2 Minutes With Air Landline™

Business activities are time-sensitive. Even the slightest delay in setting up your official landline could affect your business. Air Landline™ values your time and offers you a local UK business number in only two minutes.

Our team will send you a virtual landline number that will divert to your mobile phone (single or multiple devices) with all the features highlighted in the above section.

Get a Local Number from Any UK Area Code

As a local business owner, one of your major concerns will be having a local business number. 

Air Landline™ has access to over 660 area codes to choose from, allowing you to have a local presence in any part of the UK. 

Divert Business Calls to Your Mobile

There is no point in having official business numbers if you cannot respond to your customer’s queries in time. 

Did you know that 42% of customer queries to leading UK retailers go unanswered?

You don’t want to be among the companies that leave customer calls unanswered.

With Air Landline™ call diversion feature, you can divert all your business calls to your mobile phone. By diverting your business calls to your mobile, you can grab the opportunity to sell right when the phone rings. 

Call Recording

Call recording is an essential feature that businesses should have. Modern fast-paced business environments receive most customer queries via phone. If you miss out on certain minor details during a call, you may lose your customer’s trust.

With the call recording feature offered by Air Landline™, you can record conversations with your clients and deliver services with accuracy.

Call recording eliminates the possibility of listening errors. By carefully hearing recorded conversations back, you can identify the pain points and offer your customers what they need. 

This approach can help you boost your local company’s reputation and stand out in the competitive market. Our call recording feature offers clarity and audibility, making each part of phone communication easily understandable.

Missed Call Email Info

A common challenge most company owners face is collecting missed call contact information. To ensure each of those pending customers receives the attention they need, you need a system to collect their contact data.

This is where Air Landline™ can help UK businesses. By getting an official phone number from us, you can learn your prospects’ contact information even after missing their calls.

This information (containing the caller’s number and time of call) is sent to you via email to ensure the accuracy of the data.

You can then call back your customers to discuss their requirements in more detail. This feature can benefit you by creating a great first impression with your prospects and help maintain their trust in you in the long run.

  • Voicemail to Email Transcript

Voicemail is a handy feature that allows information to be electronically stored in the form of a voice message. The message is left by a caller for the intended recipient. What makes voicemail great for businesses is its 24/7 availability.

Your customers can leave a verbal message for you to hear when you arrive in the office on the next day. 

With the Air Landline™ voicemail-to-email transcript feature, you can get your voicemail notifications via email. This way, you can prevent being disturbed with your phone’s notifications.  

  • Business Voicemail

The business voicemail option allows you to set up a custom business voicemail for your customers and prospects ensuring that any unanswered calls are greeted with a professional business voicemail.

  • Welcome Greeting and Hold Music

Phone numbers with a welcome greeting and call-hold music play a crucial role in engaging your customers. With the business number offered by Air Landline™, you can set up a custom welcome greeting. 

If you have a particular call-hold music (on business numbers), you can integrate it into the landline to keep your customers entertained while they wait for your response.

Business Phone Number for Small Business

As a small business owner, obtaining a business number can greatly aid you in growing your customers. Some small business owners overlook the importance of an official phone number. 

Having dedicated phone numbers is one of the fundamentals when setting up your business. You can provide your customers with a direct line to connect and communicate their needs with you.

3 Different Types of Business Phone Numbers

Business contact numbers can be divided into three types. We have covered examples of each to help you choose the right one for your company.

Local Number

Local phone numbers represent a range, specific city, or state. They are typically identified by area codes, which vary based on the area you are in.

Examples of Local UK Business Numbers 

  • 0161 1111 2222 (Manchester number)
  • 0121 1111 2222 (Birmingham number)
  • 0113 1111 2222 (Leads number)

National UK Numbers

National phone numbers represent specific countries such as 0330 numbers. This type is unique for each location and facilitates people in phone communications with others located anywhere around the world.

Examples of National Business Numbers 

  • 0330 1111 222
  • 0330 3333 444
  • 0330 5555 666

Freephone numbers (Toll-Free numbers)

A Freephone number (or “toll-free number” as the Americans refer to it as) allows you to make calls to different organisations in the UK free of charge. The cost is passed onto the receiver of the call instead of the caller.

While calls to freephone numbers are free for the customer, the business owner of the freephone number pays for the call. This means the calls will actually cost the business owner money for receiving the call.

Also, many people are uncertain whether 0800 and 0808 numbers are free to call from their mobiles so may not call them thinking that they will be charged an unknown fee.

This is because mobile networks used to charge for calls to free phone numbers a number of years ago before legislation was introduced to prevent such charges.

Moreover, nowadays almost all landline and mobile contracts include free minutes to local numbers, which makes the need for freephone numbers redundant.

While freephone numbers had their place in the past, they are no longer beneficial for the above reasons. As such, Air Landline™ recommends local numbers over freephone numbers for businesses in the modern world.

There are 2 types of number structures for UK freephone numbers, 0800 and 0808 and both of these numbers are free to call from landlines and mobile.

Examples of Freephone numbers (Toll-Free numbers)

  • 0808 1111 222
  • 0800 3333 444
  • 0808 5555 666
  • 0808 7777 999

FAQ Regarding UK Business Telephone Numbers

Choosing a dedicated phone line for your organisation is a critical step. You now understand the ins and outs of selecting a particular local or national number for internal and external communications.

For your ease, we have created a detailed FAQ regarding UK business telephone numbers

Can I use my mobile as a business phone?

Yes, you can use your mobile as a business phone by opting for Air Landline™ we can help you quickly divert your official business calls to your mobile phone with multiple handy features included in your plan (without worrying about extra cost). 

How do I get a business phone number in the UK?

You can get business phone numbers in the UK by using Air Landline’s™ virtual business number services. This allows you to have local or national UK numbers for your company with features like diversion to multiple mobile devices, call recording, voicemail, call transcripts, and much more.

How do I get a virtual phone number in the UK?

Getting a virtual phone number in the UK is easy with Air Landline™. 

You can sign up with Air Landline™ and get your virtual landline number that diverts to your mobile device in just two minutes.

What is the difference between a virtual phone number and a phone number?

The key difference between a virtual and a physical phone number is that a virtual number isn’t tied exclusively to a specific phone, calling device, or address.

Can I get a business phone as a sole trader?

Yes, you can buy and register a business number as a sole trader. Sole traders as with limited companies should have a separate number for their business rather than clients calling their personal number.

How do I set up a small business phone number?

You can set up a small business number by:

– Selecting an area code.
– Entering your mobile phone (So we know where to divert calls to).
– That’s it! Start receiving calls immediately.

Summary – Business Phone Number

The above information highlights everything you need to know about business telephone numbers and diverting them to your mobile devices. 

This includes information on what a business number is and why local businesses should get them. We have also highlighted key different features of Air Landline™ business numbers to help you make an informed choice. 

Get started with your virtual landline number today with a FREE 7-day trial!