Verification rejection reasons

Your transfer verification has been rejected for one of the following reasons. Please check the email we have sent you to see which rejections below apply to you.

1. Proof of Ownership doesn’t show the number you’re looking to transfer:

We are unable to accept the Proof of Ownership uploaded as it does not show the number you wish to port. We’re more than happy to accept a screenshot from an online account or some customers have found the information on a setup email when they took the number. It may also be visible on other pages of the invoice.

2. Proof of Address uploaded is the same as Proof of Ownership or Proof of ID:

We cannot use the same document for two purposes. Therefore please provide a different document for Proof of Address. The Proof of Address should be a bank statement or utility bill dated in the last 3 months would be great! It should match the address on the account or the address on the Proof of Ownership document.

3. Proof of Address or Proof of Ownership not within the last 3 months:

The documents for Proof of Address and Proof of Ownership must be dated in the last 3 months, please upload a document that’s not out-of-date.

4. Incorrect document uploaded:

You’ve uploaded document which is a completely different document to what is required as explained in the porting form, please upload the correct document.

Please click the link below to upload the correct document or alternatively email it to us to

If you have any questions please email