Can I use Desk Phones with Air Landline?

Follow the steps below to add office handsets/deskphones to your Air Landline number:

1. Purchase App add-ons:

You need to make sure you have at least one App add-on (more info HERE) in order to be able to use a deskphone. Therefore please purchase at least one App add-on from us if you haven’t already. Each App add-on can be connected to up to 2 handsets. If you need more than 2 deskphones, or if you need 2 people to simultaneously use the deskphones, you would need additional App add-ons.

2. Ensure you have broadband:

The deskphones that work with Air Landline will require an internet connection. So make sure you have good reliable internet connection in the place you’ll be using the deskphones.

3. Have the correct deskphones:

If you already have a deskphone, please email the model number to our team to check if it’s compatible.

If you don’t have deskphones, you can purchase a deskphones from our recommended provider All of NetXL VOIP phones will work with our system.

We know you can be overwhelmed with choice, so to help you here are 3 that we recommend depending on your preference. If you have any questions regarding deskphones, please email

Grandstream GXP1625 – perfect if you’re looking for something cheap and basic. Note this phone needs to be plugged straight into your broadband router which will limit where you can put your phone.

Grandstream GXP 2160 – more advanced than the one above with colour LCD screen.

Grandstream DP720/750 – perfect for flexibility. You plug the base station to the broadband router, allowing the handsets to be wireless. You can always add additional handsets for ultimate flexibility.

⚠️ After placing your NetXL order, please email your NetXL order reference number to for us to provision the handsets with your account.