Can I make calls as my Air Landline number?

If you’d like your Air Landline number displayed to your customers when you call them, you can use our App add-on.

The App add-on is £7.99 a month (+VAT) and allows you to make unlimited calls as your Air Landline number, using mobile or desktop.

With the App Add-on you can also record outbound calls via the App, put callers on hold with music, and transfer calls.

You can add the App Add-on to your account yourself by logging into the Control Panel and clicking on the blue ‘Buy App Add-on’ button at the bottom of your Air Landline Control Panel.


Frequently asked questions:

Can I call out without the App add-on and no reveal my personal mobile number?
If you don’t want the App add-on but also don’t want customers to see your mobile number when you call them, you can withhold your mobile number by dialling 141 before the customer’s number, or hide your Caller ID in your mobile settings.

Alternatively, you can set up Business WhatsApp with your Air Landline number for free and WhatsApp call and WhatsApp message people with your Air Landline number. Note this only works if the person you’re calling has WhatsApp.
Can I receive calls while abroad with the App add-on?
Yes, make sure you first add the App Add-on user extension (e.g. 1001) in your Routing page so incoming calls go to the App and not your mobile number.

You can then receive calls anywhere you have internet, even if you’re abroad in ANY country (as long as you have internet). So if you are on Wifi or using a local SIM for the country you’re in that has mobile data, then you can avoid roaming charges. Customers will hear your UK ringtone or any hold music you’ve set in your control panel, even if you’re abroad.
How much is the App add-on
It’s £7.99 a month +VAT per App add-on user.
Can I use it on multiple devices?
Each App add-on user can be set up on 1 mobile and 1 desktop. You can purchase additional App add-ons for multiple users so others in your team can also call out as your Air Landline number.
Can I also receive incoming calls via the App?
Yes, just add the App Add-on user extension (e.g. 1001) in your Routing page.
Which countries can I call?
You can call standard rate landlines and mobile numbers in UK, US, Canada, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Sweden.

If you’d like to call other countries, or a number you’re calling isn’t working, please email with an example phone number you’d like to call.
What else can the App add-on do?
You can record your outbound calls using the App, put callers on hold with music, and transfer calls.
Can I cancel the App Add-on at any time?
Yes, there are no contracts as it’s just monthly. You can always let us know when you no longer require it and we’ll remove it from your account and billing.
How do I set up the App add-on?
Follow the steps below to get the add-on:

1. Click the “Buy App Add-on” button at the bottom of any Control Panel page and follow the prompts.

2. You will then be taken to a page to invite the mobile number to set up the App add-on. Add the mobile number and click invite.

3. You will receive a text message with a link to download the App. Download it and enter the same mobile number your invited in step 2.

That’s it, you can then just go to the keypad in the App and make your call as your Air Landline number.
If I have multiple Air Landline numbers, can I choose which landline number I dial out as in the App?
Yes! You can change the Caller ID you dial out as in the App settings.