What documents do I need to transfer my existing number to Air Landline?

After you’ve emailed us the number you’d like to transfer, you’ll be email a link to upload the following documents:

1. Proof of Ownership

An invoice or bill dated in the last 3 months showing the number you’re looking to transfer.

(if the number you’re looking to transfer is not shown on any of the pages of the invoice, please also upload an additional document showing the number such as a screenshot from an online account with your current provider or some customers have found the information on a setup email when they took the number.)

2. Proof of Address

A utility or bank statement dated in the last 3 months which matches the address on the ownership document above or the address on your account with us. Please note this document must be different to your Proof of Ownership document above.

3. Proof of ID

Passport or Drivers licence.

Please ensure the number you’re transferring is ACTIVE and ❌ DON’T CANCEL your contract with your current provider until after the transfer is complete otherwise you’ll risk losing your number as your current provider will reject our port request as ‘number not in service’.

🌐 Do you have broadband on the line you’re transferring❓ It’s not possible to have broadband on Air Landline. Most providers disconnect the broadband once the number is transferred unless you contact them beforehand and see if they can re-number your broadband line and continue your broadband service.

If you find you can’t transfer your number over to us because of broadband, you can also simply get an Air Landline number from us, then ask your current provider to divert all calls to your current number to the Air Landline number (note this will mean your contract with your current provider continues as normal).

Please ensure to email us on hello@airlandline.co.uk after you’ve uploaded your documents.