Why is my number not working?

Please follow the steps below to check and correct why your number may not be working:

1. Have you made a typo when dialling your landline?

Please check you’ve dialled your landline number correctly without any typos.

2. Are you dialling from the same mobile number that you are diverting to?

Please make sure you test your landline number by dialling from a different mobile number than the one your landline diverts to.

3. Are the mobile number(s) you’re diverting to working?

Please call each of the mobile numbers your landline number diverts to directly to check they are working. If your mobile network is having issues, you have poor signal or are engaged at the time of a call, we won’t be able to divert calls to you correctly.

4. Are you diverting to multiple mobile numbers?

Please ensure you tick the “Require keypad press…” in the Routing page to ensure calls are not answered by any of the mobiles own voicemails if they are engaged or offline or not accepting calls for any reason.

5. Are your opening hours set correctly in the Control Panel?

Please open the Open Hours page of the Control Panel, then read carefully and follow the exact instructions at the top of the Open Hours page.

Your Open Hours page should not be empty – If you’re OPEN 24/7, you need to add in the hours for 24/7. If you’re CLOSED 24/7 (e.g. you’re on holiday) please set your Open Hours back to normal, and instead use the steps at the top of the Holidays page to set your holiday dates.

6. Is your Routing set up correctly?

Please check the mobile numbers you’re diverting to in your Routing page to ensure they are correct, and also check the other setting in the Routing page.

7. Have you set your mobile to divert back to the Air Landline number?

Please ensure you haven’t set the mobile number(s) to which you’re diverting, to divert back to the Air Landline number again, as this creates an endless loop of numbers diverting to each other and you never seeing the call.

8. Do you have the require keypad press option ticked in the Routing page of the Control Panel?

If yes, remember that after you tap to answer the call, you need to press a key on your keypad such as the number 1 key to accept the call.

9. Have you accidentally blocked your own landline number on your mobile?

If you have your landline number showing when you receive a call through your landline, make sure you haven’t accidentally blocked the landline number on your mobile.

10. Have you made your monthly payments?

If you any of your monthly payments have failed, you would’ve received an email from us. Therefore check your account email inbox to see if you have received any emails from us regarding your payments.

Please ensure you’ve tried the steps above before contacting us. If you have tried the steps above, and still unable to identify the issue, please email us at least 3 examples from 3 different numbers from your Calls history to hello@airlandline.co.uk.