Why is the WhatsApp set up not working?

Please ensure you’ve followed the steps exactly as described in this guide: https://airlandline.co.uk/pages/whatsapp-setup/

Pay particular attention to Step 2 as your Routing page needs to look exactly as we’ve shown in Step 2.

If the above doesn’t work, and you don’t mind changing your landline number, the quickest option is to try with a different landline number. ​To change your number, you simply need to add a new number then ask us to remove the old one. To do this, just use the “Buy Numbers” button at the bottom of the Control Panel to add a new number, then email us to let us know which number you’d like removed.

If you’ve had the landline number for a long time and so don’t want to change it, then you could wait a few days and try again. And if it still doesn’t work you could try contacting WhatsApp and send them a screenshot of the error message, although they typically respond with a generic response so you’ll have to reply a few times to let them know none of their response in the generic response apply, before a human looks at it: smb_web@support.whatsapp.com