Can I connect Business WhatsApp to multiple devices?

Yes, after you’ve set up Business WhatsApp with your Air Landline number on the first phone, follow the steps below to link it to other mobiles or devices:

– Download Business WhatsApp on the next mobile: If you have an iPhone download it HERE, or if you have an Android phone download it HERE.

– Select Use a “different number” during set up: During setup, you’ll be asked to confirm your WhatsApp Business number. It will default to your mobile number but we DON’T want that as it would disconnect your personal WhatsApp. Instead “Use a different number” but DON’T enter a number.

– Tap “link this device” to an existing account:

iPhone: tap on “link this device” in the section below the number field. This will then show you a QR code.

Android: tap on the three dots on the top right, then tap “Link a device”. This will then show you a QR code.

– Scan the QR code using the Business WhatsApp on the original phone we set up in step 5: Open Business WhatsApp on the first phone we set up in step 5, then go to “Settings” then “Linked Devices” and tap “Link a Device”

🎉 That’s it! You now have the same Business WhatsApp chat on TWO mobiles. You can have up to four linked devices so you can just repeat steps here on other mobiles and devices!