Why is the App Add-on not working?

Please follow the steps below to check and correct why your App add-on may not be working:

1. Do you have at least 3 different call examples where the issue happened?

To ensure the issue is not just related to one number, please ensure the issue has happened at least 3 times.

2. Do you have strong internet connection?

The App add-on uses the internet, so you please ensure you have strong reliable connection at the time of the call.

3. Is it asking your for a company code?

You would only see the company code page if you’ve entered the wrong mobile number into the App (e.g. a different mobile number than the one in the Apps page of the Control Panel, or some people mistakenly enter the landline number in the App to set it up). Follow step 4 below to reset the App.

4. Have you tried resetting the App?

To reset the App add-on:

  • First open the App on the mobile that you no longer require, tap “More”, then tap “Settings”, then tap “Log out” to disconnect the App. Then delete the App.
  • Then visit the Apps page of the Control Panel, and enter the mobile number in the empty field then click invite. If there is already a mobile number in there, click disconnect next to it, then add and invite it again.
  • Follow the link that is sent to you to download the App, and enter your mobile number. Then check if you still have call issues.

Please ensure you’ve tried the steps above before contacting us. If you have tried the steps above, and still unable to identify the issue, please email us at least 3 examples for 3 different calls from your Calls history to hello@airlandline.co.uk.