Air Landline vs Other providers

Air Landline doesn't need an App or deskphone as we divert incoming calls to your actual mobile number, for free. This ensures high quality calls as you don't rely on internet/4G/5G connection. We can still provide an App or deskphone if you ever wanted. We also have the most useful free features.

Air Landline™

Other providers

Instant automated set up:
Works without needing an App, internet, or 4G/5G:
Incoming calls diverted to:
Your mobile number.
An internet-based App.
Call quality:
Inconsistent, as it relies on internet/4G/5G
Cost of diversion to mobile number:
3p-20p per minute
Diversion limit:
Limited in their fair usage policy
Uptime record:
Varies, read their 1-2 star reviews on Trustpilot
Displays unbiased review platform:
Yes, Trustpilot (read how it's unbiased)
Varies, always check Trustpilot for reviews
Customer service hours:
7am-10pm with 24/7 Network Ops.
Typically 9am-5pm
Contract length:
1 month
1-12 months
Cancellation notice period:
1 day. We stop charges immediately
30-90 days
Cancellation fee:
Varies, read their 1-2 star reviews on Trustpilot
Cost to transfer-out to another provider:
£0 (FREE) leave us any time for free
£30-£90 to leave them
Cost to transfer-in your existing number:
£0 (FREE) we have no porting-in fees
Typically £30 per number ported-in
UK-based customer service:
Yes, our own experienced team
Typically call centre staff
"Easy" - that's the most used word in our reviews
Requires a level of tech-savviness
Call recording cost:
Not possible/£15 a month
Diversion to multiple mobile numbers:
Free - sequentially, simultaneously & time-of-day routing
Not possible/3p-20p per minute
WhatsApp Business integration:
Free, just follow these steps
Not possible/£4 a month
Has the most useful free features:
  •  icon=
    A new local or national UK number for your mobile 🇬🇧
    (or transfer your existing number to us)
  •  icon=
    All calls diverted to your mobile for free 📲
    (so you don't need a landline phone)
  •  icon=
    Welcome greeting 👋
    (so every caller gets a professional welcome)
  •  icon=
    Hold music 🎵
    (so callers are more patient for you to answer)
  •  icon=
    See it's a business call BEFORE you answer 🤳
    (so you know not to miss it & answer professionally)
  •  icon=
    Out-of-hours mode 🕔
    (so you can relax when you're not working)
  •  icon=
    Holiday mode 🏖️
    (so you can actually enjoy your holidays)
  •  icon=
    Business WhatsApp 💬
    (so your personal & business WhatsApps are separate)
  •  icon=
    Divert to multiple mobiles simultaneously & sequentially 📲📲📲
    (so someone else can answer when you can't)
  •  icon=
    Set your ring time ⏱️
    (so you have more time to answer)
  •  icon=
    Missed call info email 👤
    (so you have the caller's number & time of call)
  •  icon=
    Call recording ⏺️
    (so you have a record of your discussions with clients)
  •  icon=
    Blocklist 🚫
    (so you can block nuisance callers)
  •  icon=
    Call whisper 👂
    (so you can see the caller's number & know it's a business call)
  •  icon=
    In-hours business voicemail ➿
    (so you can catch opportunities when you can't answer)
  •  icon=
    Out-of-hours business voicemail ➿
    (so callers know to call back when you're open or leave a message)
  •  icon=
    Holiday business voicemail ➿
    (so callers know to try again when you're back or leave a message)
  •  icon=
    Voicemail to email 📧
    (so you don't get annoying voicemail mobile notifications)
  •  icon=
    Automated voicemail transcription 🔤
    (so you have the choice to read or listen to the voicemail)
  •  icon=
    Time-of-day routing ⌚
    (so you can divert to different numbers at different times)
  •  icon=
    Ready-made audio 🔊
    (so you can choose from our selection of greetings & hold music)
  •  icon=
    Upload custom audio 🎙️
    (so you can personalise your greetings & hold music)
  •  icon=
    Searchable call history 🔍
    (so you can quickly find past business calls)
  •  icon=
    Easy-to-use Control Panel ⚙️
    (so you can make changes easily yourself)
No contracts • Cancel anytime • Free trial
30-day Money-back Guarantee

Air Landline vs Other providers

There are other telecoms providers in the industry that claim to offer similar services, however they are different to Air Landline ™. We have built our product from the ground up with UK business owners in mind.

As an example we know as a business owner, you're likely to be out and about a lot, so you're unlikley to have a good internet connection. That's why we divert calls to your actual mobile number for free, as a normal call, without needing internet. Other providers however divert calls to an App which relies on internet connection, resulting in poor connection and call quality issues.

Here are all of the key differences between Air Landline ™ and other providers:

✅ Air Landline: Diverts incoming calls to your actual mobile number as a normal call.

❌ Other providers: Divert incoming calls to an App which results in call quality issues as you're reliant on a continuously strong internet connection.

Many telecoms providers divert incoming calls to an App on your mobile, meaning that you need an internet connection to receive calls. They fail to mention you need a reliable internet connection. Even if you think your internet connection is good, what you'll find is that it majorly affects call quality and results in issues with your customers. At Air Landline we divert incoming calls to your actual mobile number as a normal call so you don't need internet.

✅ Air Landline: Doesn't charge for diverting calls to your mobile number so it's unlimited.

❌ Other providers: Charge extra per minute for each call they divert to your mobile number, or limit it.

So now that you're aware incoming calls should be diverted to your mobile number, not an App, do they charge you for each call that's divert to your mobile number, and do they limit the number of minutes? You don't want to be limited in the number of minutes that are diverted to your mobile number, and shouldn't be charged for each incoming call diverted to your mobile number, as that would result in unexpected charges. At Air Landline we divert incoming calls to your actual mobile number as a normal call at no additional cost so there are no surprise charges.

✅ Air Landline: Gives you lots of free features including call recording, diverting to multiple numbers simultaneously & sequentially, time-of-day routing and much more.

❌ Other providers: Charge extra for simple additional features such as call recording.

Most providers charge you extra for useful features such as call recording. At Air Landline, we provide lots of free features included such as diverting to multiple numbers both simultaneously and sequentially, time-of-day routing, voicemail transcriptions and call recording. You can check out all of the free features you get on our homepage

✅ Air Landline: Uses Trustpilot for reviews which doesn't allow negative reviews to be removed.

❌ Other providers: Use paid-for review platforms which allow negative reviews to be hidden/removed.

At Air Landline, customers can leave us reviews voluntarily on Trustpilot. Trustpilot is free for businesses and doesn't allow businesses to remove genuine negative reviews (see HERE). Many providers use paid-for review platforms such (or - you can read reviews of such paid-for review platforms HERE and HERE where users have reported they cannot leave a review voluntarily and that their negative review doesn't appear. So we recommend to always check reviews of any company you're looking to join on Trustpilot.

✅ Air Landline: Has security protocols and technology in place to ensure uptime.

❌ Other providers: Experience higher levels of downtime as their backend systems are not as technologically advanced.

If your telecoms providers service is down, it will cost your business in missed call opportunities. One way to check if a telecoms company has downtime is to check their 1 and 2 star reviews on Trustpilot. At Air Landline, our platform is load-balanced and distributed down to the individual data packets. This ensures ongoing, uninterrupted communication even in the rare event of a multi-server failure. Plus, our layered security protocols push industry standards to the extreme, protecting your data and intellectual property from bad actors. We also have a network operations team monitoring 24/7 just in case!

✅ Air Landline: Sets up your number automatically as soon as you order, supported by an easy-to-use intuitive Control Panel.

❌ Other providers: Requires you to download an App, or login to a Control Panel to set up your number which requires watching tutorials.

Some providers require you to login after you order to a complex Control Panel and set up your number in order for it to work. At Air Landline your number auto-setup and emailed to you, so it's ready-to-use and diverted to your mobile number without needing to login or download an App. Also if you ever wanted to change any settings, our Control Panel is so straight forward, that even technophobes love it.

✅ Air Landline: Lets you cancel at any time for free without a minimum notice period requirement or a long-term contract (it's just monthly).

❌ Other providers: Charge you for cancelling or have a minimum notice period to cancel, or tie you into a long-term contract (e.g. 12 months)

The last thing you want when choosing to leave a provider is to be charged a cancellation fee, or be told that you need to give a month's notice and pay for another month of a service you won't be using, or even worse, be told that you're on a 12 month contract. At Air Landline we don't tie-you into a long-term contract (it's just monthly), we don't charge you for cancellations, and we don't have a minimum notice period - you can cancel at anytime for free with no further charges.

✅ Air Landline: Doesn't charge you a porting-out fee so you can change providers at any time.

❌ Other providers: Charge you anywhere between £25-£75 +VAT porting fee if you decide to move your number to another provider.

Most providers charge you to leave them and port your number to another provider. They claim it's industry standard. We've heard some charging fees as high as £75, so before you join any telecoms provider, make sure you ask them porting out fees if you choose to leave them and take your number to another provider. At Air Landline, we don't charge a porting out fee, so you're free to move to any other provider whenever you like. We know you'll stay with us because of low price, free features and service, so we don't need to lock your in with porting fees.

✅ Air Landline: Focuses on providing the best service to their existing customers.

❌ Other providers: Focus on their sales teams to gain new customers, but have a weak customer service after they've signed up.

Many telecoms providers have large sales teams constantly calling and emailing you to try and get them to sign up to their service, but once you're a customer, their customer service teams are small and overloaded. At Air Landline, we put our efforts and energy serving our existing customers (rather than chasing sales) as we know by providing the product and service, our existing customers will recommend us.


There are many telecoms providers and the success of Air Landline has resulted in them trying to repackage their existing service to appear similar to Air Landline. However Air Landline was built from the gound up with the needs of UK business owners in mind, meaning every element is designed to ensure it is convenient and reliable while remaining low cost.

So when comparing telecoms providers, make sure you choose one that:

  1. Diverts incoming calls to a mobile number, not an App.
  2. Don't limit or charge extra for diverting calls to your mobile number.
  3. Doesn't charge extra for features such as call recording.
  4. Uses an unbiased review platform such as Trustpilot.
  5. Has a strong technology protocol to prevent downtime.
  6. Has auto-setup and an easy Control Panel.
  7. Has no long-term contracts, cancellation fees or mimimum notice periods.
  8. Doesn't charge porting-out fees when you leave them for another provider.
  9. Has an excellent customer service team.

At Air Landline, we know you'll love our service, that's why we offer a free trial

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