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FINALLY, you say! An all-in-one business number, that’s fully transferable, with no hidden fees or contracts. No landline, internet or app needed. Start your free trial today:

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Thousands of UK businesses have used Air Landline to...


It’s time to stop displaying your mobile phone number like a sleazy cut-rate car salesman. Get our virtual business number and make your business an instant authority.

It’s just £9.99 (+VAT) a month

Cheap as chips, literally

30-day money back guarantee

That’s confidence, baby

You’ll wonder what took you so long!

Why Air Landline?

Regular landlines suck

Look professional

With a virtual business number, you can take professional business calls wherever you are!

Even if you’re skateboarding on your way to your post coffee dump, Air Landline gives you all the benefits of a regular landline - on the move.

Speedier than your post-coffee dump

Increase your revenue

Never miss business opportunities

With our virtual mobile landline number, incoming business calls are clearly identified - so you can prioritise your focus.

You’re emailed whenever you miss a call, together with any voicemails - so you never miss out on opportunities, even when you’re in space!

Take your calls from home or the throne

Say bye-bye to missed call anxiety &…

Say hello to work life balance

Time to enjoy that new gimp suit in peace.

Air Landline’s call features means during time off you can relax without sacrificing business.

With Air Landline’s out-of-hour & holiday mode - calls can be instantly diverted to business voicemail, or an employee/partner.

Like spending time with your partner(‘s latex collection)

Other providers hate us...

We make other telecoms providers look like scams

More features

Included free

Unlimited calls

No surprise fees


No Apps needed

More than a virtual phone number

Dozens of free call features

One cost, no contract

No hidden charges, no cancellation fee, no contract.

We have less strings attached than that weird one night stand you had last year in Birmingham. Never again. Never again.

Professional welcome message

Time to blow your clients sock’s off and make your competitors cry.

Nothing screams ‘virtual office in your pocket’ more than a custom professional welcome message that speaks to your customer’s needs.

High quality calls and connection

Don’t worry! No dodgy app set up required. No internet needed either.

Just crystal clear calls you can answer anywhere.

Turn on automatic call recording

Sometimes your clients can ramble on the phone

If you don’t have a photographic memory, it’s your lucky day! Air Landline can go full MI5 and record everything for you.

Custom hold music

Give your sh*t show of a business a make-over with the sound of violins. It doesn’t get more professional than that.

Divert calls when you’re busy

Air Landline also works for teams, not just solopreneurs.

Whether you have business partners or employees, with Air Landline, you can set up call forwarding to divert incoming business calls to more than one mobile phone numbers.

No extra costs!

Custom out of hours & holiday time

Set your non-working hours!

Any business calls during this time will be sent straight to professional voicemail.

AKA: no more business interruptions during sunday-funday smoke-a-fat-bong-day. Can we legally say that? Not sure. You get the idea.

Professional voicemails are transcribed…

…and emailed to you!

The ultimate safety net for catching every opportunity when you’re unable to answer the phone.

And all for just £9.99 (+VAT) per month after the trial!

Free 7 day trial

Air Landline in action

How it works


Choose area code

Choose the local area code you'd like a new telephone number for. We have 100% UK coverage so you can get a number from any area.


Link your number

Tell us which mobile numbers to link your new landline number to, and we'll email you your new number in minutes! You can jump into your account, set up a welcome message, hold music & turn on call recording if you like!


Advertise yourself

Pop your new professional phone number all over your listings and platforms. BOOM, you look like a reputable business with a swanky office phone.


Get noticed

New, high-quality customers will start checking you out. And, naturally, they’ll like what they see. Professional telephone numbers make a significant difference in business trust!


Your best kept secret

The battle of the phone numbers begins. Between you and your amateur competitor, your new mobile landline will give you the business advantage. Mwahahaha


Welcome message

Your new prospective client feels right at home as they listen to the sound of your soothing welcome message. Unless you have an awful voice, in which case use our AI natural voice creator.


Speedy gonzales

Your client’s call will reach your mobile instantly (or to multiple mobiles if you’ve set up call forwarding to employees etc). It’s quick, it’s convenient, it’s easy.


Get a heads up!

You’ll see it’s a business call (and which number your client has dialled) before you answer. So you’ll know exactly which cheesy business phone-voice to prepare.


Hold music

If you’re in the bath regretting your life choices and need a second to compose yourself for a call, the on-hold music you chose earlier will come in handy.


Log your calls

If you've turned on call recording, each call is automatically recorded, in case you don’t have a pen handy for jotting down complicated details.


Don't answer on time?

If you miss the call, you’ll get an instant email update with the caller’s details (so you can call them back once you’re done arguing with your partner about the toilet seat)


Record your voicemail

Clients will be greeted with the professional voicemail message you prepared earlier. “Sorry I missed your call, I’m busy being so successful”


Log your voicemails

You’ll receive an email with any voicemail audio your clients leave, and a handy transcription of it, so you can read or listen while paying the price of last night’s curry on the thunder bucket.


More of a text person?

Message customers on a Business WhatsApp account anytime from your Air Landline number too, if you want to keep things professional without jumping on calls.


Wait, what did that client need?

Call history can be accessed anytime through a searchable control panel, for easy referencing and reflecting on the past. You know, before the wife left.


Make it rain

Ask your new, highly-impressed customer to bill you for the socks you just blew off.

Watch a case study.

Meet Paul, founder of HotHunkyGinger4U

Star of our famous adverts.

Watch our Podcast hosted by Paul

Fact, everyone loves us

It only takes minutes to become one yourself…

Daniel Sutton's review

Owner @ DLcleanwindows

Maintenance business owner

5 Star! Does exactly what it advertises.

No hidden charges. Mine's set up weekdays 9-5 or diverts to voicemail which is emailed to you. Can set to divert to several mobiles. I noticed much more calls than my mobile number.

Sally Winterton's review

Owner @ The Osteopathy Lab

Professional service owner

I warmly recommend Air Landline to small / micro business owners.

If, like me, your opted against a business mobile phone, this is your best solution. I researched the options and found that Air Landline offered the best for my needs and at a great price. Air Landline’s customer service is very responsive and helpful! Highly recommended.

My neighbour’s kid's review

My neighbour’s kid, Jack. Lemonade stand owner

Every business niche

They made me look legit!

Now, I have the freedom to manage calls seamlessly from my mummy’s mobile device. When I’m old enough to have my own phone, I’m gonna find out how babies are made! Also, Air Landline is the first thing I’ll be using. (ok yes, we made this one up just to make the point that Air Landline is used by every business niche you can imagine)

Old man I met on the bus's review

Just an old guy I met on the bus

Non-techy person

The best company in the UK and probably the whole world

My knees are screwed, my friend’s are dead, and my eyesight is terrible! But at least Air Landline is so easy to use! Alright we wrote this one ourselves.. Seriously, try it for yourself. Your new number is emailed to you straight after you order ready-to-use, no set up needed

My neighbour’s kid's review

Paul & Deborah

Serial entrepreneur

It saved our marriage!

Air Landline has automated my work/life balance so now I have Deborah back in my life. It's also taken my business HotHunkyGinger4u to new heights by looking instantly professional. Kerrrr-ching.

4.9/5 on Trustpilot, 450+ reviews

What are you waiting for?

Look professional & automate your work/life balance in 2 minutes!

Free Trial

Get 7 days, on us

Cancel anytime

No contracts

No Hidden Fees

Set cost per month

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Frequently asked questions

It's only £9.99 a month (+VAT). It comes with lots of free features. It also starts with a free 7-day trial.

Yes, we have 100% UK coverage, so you can get a number for any town or city.

Super easy. We'll email your new number straight after you order and you can test it without needing to set anything up.

Yes, we also provide 0330 national numbers which are the same price and are the same as local rate number to call. Just select 0330 in the area code dropdown when you order.

Yes, calling an Air Landline number is the same as calling any UK landline number, so it will be cheaper for callers than calling your mobile number.

Yes, you can transfer it to us. Just place an order for a new number, then email us the number you'd like to transfer and we'll begin the transfer process. You'll be asked to upload your proof of ownership (recent bill), proof of address, and proof of identity to enable us to transfer it.

If you'd like to make calls such that your Air Landline number is displayed to your customer when they receive your call, you can use our App add-on.

The App add-on is £7.99 a month (+VAT) per user, which gives you UNLIMITED calls to UK landlines & mobiles from 1 mobile and 1 desktop. The App also allows you to record calls, put callers on hold with music, and transfer calls! You can make calls from anywhere you have the internet even if you're abroad. There are no long term contracts, and you can cancel the add-on at any time for free.

If you don't want the App add-on but also don't want customers to see your mobile number when you call them, you can withhold your mobile number by dialling 141 before the customer’s number, or hide your Caller ID in your mobile settings.

Alternatively, you can set up Business WhatsApp with your Air Landline number for free and WhatsApp call and WhatsApp message people with your Air Landline number. Note this only works if the person you’re calling has WhatsApp.

You can add the App Add-on in your Control Panel after you sign up.

Yes, we have a Switchboard add-on for giving options that's £4.99+VAT a month. The Switchboard feature allows you to give up to 10 options of your choice. You can route each option to a different number(s) or the same number. You can also set it such that you hear a whisper of which option the caller has chosen before you answer the call. There is no long term contract so you can ask us to remove it at any time for free.

If you'd like to add the Switchboard add-on, simply order your Air Landline number, then email hello@airlandline.co.uk to request the Switchboard add-on.

Absolutely! You can leave us and transfer your number to a new provider (e.g. BT).

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